Charlie Crist or Bill Nelson 64%, Rick Scott 35%, says private poll from The Kitchens Group


According to a new survey taken this month, Gov. Rick Scott looks to be in “big trouble.”

The governor falls far behind both Sen. Bill Nelson and former Gov. Charlie Crist in a subscriber-only poll by the Kitchens Group reported by William March of the Tampa Tribune.

Crist and Nelson both beat Scott by 64-35 percent, but that is only the beginning of his troubles. Former Scott rival Democrat Alex Sink of Tampa would win 59-41 percent, while former state Sen. Nan Rich, who has been struggling to get her name out to the voters, bests Scott 55-45 percent. 

This most recent poll gives Scott his worst numbers in a while, with his highest unfavorable ranking yet. For the past few surveys, Scott had been inching up in popularity, with slight improvement during last spring’s legislative session.

Scott’s image started to take a hit starting in March when Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned over a scandal with a veterans charity accused of illegal gambling and racketeering.

“Everybody says Scott’s in trouble and I just wanted to see how much trouble he’s in,” Jim Kitchens told the Tribune. Kitchens is CEO of the Orlando-based Internet polling company Kitchens Group.  The survey was through July 5-10 using 663 respondents and has a 3.8-point error margin.