Look what I found … ECO’s for Pam Bondi’s, Adam Putnam’s re-election campaigns, flush with hundreds of thousands of dollars


While Governor Rick Scott’s re-election committee garners all of the media attention, two political committees have been quietly established to bolster the re-election prospects of Attorney General Pam Bondi and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam — and have already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to the $624,594 Bondi raised for her campaign, her re-election campaign has the support of an Electioneering Communication Organization called “… And Justice for All” that is showing a HAUL of MORE THAN $850K in cash that should make any challenger very nervous.  (Paging, George Sheldon.)

This ECO, which is managed by uber political accountant Nancy Watkins and chaired by Carlos Alfonso, is showing a single contribution of $500K from the Republican State Leadership Committee out of Washington, making it clear that keeping Bondi as Florida’s AG is a priority for the national GOP. There is even a $25K check from Donald Trump!

As for Putnam, the Commish also has his own committee and is showing almost $200K raised. His committee is called “Sunshine State Leadership Project.” 

Putnam has not posted his campaign numbers yet for this quarter but he kicked off his campaign with MORE THAN $600K raised in the first quarter. That’s a lot of produce! 

No word yet on if Jeff Atwater has a committee out there but I am on the lookout…