Concerns grow about the health of Congressman Bill Young


The only member of Florida’s congressional delegation who missed last night’s historic vote ending the shutdown of the federal government was Pinellas County’s C.W. Bill Young. This missed vote coming so close after Congressman Young’s recent announcement that he would not seek re-election in 2014 is prompting widespread speculation about the status of Rep. Young’s health.

Currently, Young is at Walter Reed Hospital undergoing treatment for a debilitating back injury. However, dozens of reporters and political observers from Tampa Bay to Washington D.C., are privately speculating that Young may be suffering from more than a back injury. Those following the situation are attempting to glean any information about Young’s condition, despite Young’s family and closest advisers, including Harry Glenn and David Jolly, not speaking on the record about the status of Young’s health beyond Glenn’s comment that, “He is still there (Walter Reed) and continuing to receive treatment.” (Per Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times.) 

Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. And the relative silence from Young’s circle is only serving to fuel the rampant speculation about Young’s status. 

For my part, I am praying for Congressman Young’s health, regardless of its status. Please join me in praying that all he is suffering from is a back injury.