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Shayann Modarres announces run in Congressional District 10

By on November 19, 2013

Attorney Shayann Modarres has declared that he’s running for Congress in Florida’s 10th District against incumbent Daniel Webster. This makes him the 3rd opponent in the contest and the 2nd Democrat setting up what should be an interesting primary.

In an email exchange, Modarres pointed out that he had worked as an attorney, on the legal team that represented the family of Trayvon Martin the last two years and organized a peaceful 2,000 person rally in Downtown Orlando over fair civil rights laws.

 “Although fighting against injustice as a practicing attorney is deeply gratifying, the opportunity to draft and support fair laws to affect even greater change is more appealing. That’s why I’m running for congress.” he added

Before challenging Webster, Modarres will have to go through Navy Vet Michael McKenna who’s already had to move once to avoid a primary. Mckenna previously filed in the 9th District, which set him on a collision course with the always controversial Alan Grayson, before making the move to the 10th.

Both primary candidates will have to keep checking over their shoulder for Webster’s 2012 opponent and former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings, who hasn’t ruled out running against the Winter Garden Lawmaker again next year.