Nate Silver’s new venture hires away key Tampa Bay Times editor, Mike Wilson

By on November 19, 2013
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The Tampa Bay Times tends to brag about how often its editors and reporters make their way to-and-fro many of the leading newspapers in the country, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post. But after an interesting announcement on Tuesday, the Times will have to add ESPN and Nate Silver to the list of poachers of its best talent.

According to a press release,, the definitive website for data-driven journalism founded by numbers wizard Nate Silver, has hired Mike Wilson, the managing editor of the Times, to play that same role for the intriguing media start-up. 

“We’re building our own Moneyball team — an All-Star roster of the best data journalists from best news organizations, including The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, the Tampa Bay Times, and The Guardian,” stated Silver in the release. “While the site will take many different approaches toward data journalism, ranging from rigorous number crunching to stellar original reporting, it’s all within the site’s mandate of uncovering meaning and truth amid the sea of data.”

Silver says that the new FiveThirtyEight will maintain the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the original site Silver founded in 2008, while building on its success around the last presidential elections.  It will be focused around five distinct content verticals: Sports, Politics, Economics, Science, and Lifestyle. The verticals will be led by a team of writer/columnists, with additional content from staff writers as well as external contributors.

As for Wilson’s role, Silver said, Wilson, who oversaw the development of several Pulitzer Prize winning stories at the Tampa Bay Times, “will provide leadership and integrity as our Managing Editor.”

Read the full press release here.