Trey Radel voted to drug-test food stamp recipients prior to getting busted

By on November 20, 2013

Republican U.S. Rep. Trey Radel voted to force food stamp recipients to be drug-tested a month before he was arrested for cocaine possession.

The Florida congressman supported GOP legislation to allow states to require food stamp users to urinate in a cup to prove they’re not taking illegal drugs.

Radel is scheduled to be arraigned in court today, after his arrest on Oct. 29. He has apologized for his illegal drug use.

“We have a moral obligation to equip the states with the tools they need to discourage the use of illegal drugs,” said Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina, who sponsored the amendment.

The Huffington Post notes that Democrat Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts had asked: “Why don’t we drug test all the members of Congress here?” prior to the measure passing in the House.

The food stamp drug-testing legislation in now in a House-Senate conference committee.

Radel on Tuesday admitted to being an alcoholic but stopped short of saying that he also an addiction to drugs, instead explaining that his drunkenness led to an “irresponsible choice.”