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Why is the Florida GOP’s website so interested in gay sex or Paula Deen?

By on November 22, 2013

As the publisher of two different websites, I understand how difficult it is to maintain the intellectual integrity of a site and how sometimes content you don’t approve of still makes its way online. The comments section is spammed often with homophobic and/or  racist feedback which I vigilantly attempt to prune from the website.

This said, there’s no explaining what is going on with the Republican Party of Florida’s website, which inadvertently or not is highlighting material about gay sex, Paula Deen, and infanticide.

Take a look for yourself and you’ll see dozens of, um, weird posts on the RPOF’s website. I assume the posts are meant to link to other blogs and websites, but with no attribution or hyperlinks, it just looks like the Florida GOP is interested and/or endorsing some disturbing material.

There’s this post offering a defense of Southern whites (Rep. Mike Hill must love that!):

rpof - paula deen

 There’s this post wondering if there’s too much gay sex: 

rpof - gay sex 

And there’s this very disturbing post making the case for infanticide:

rpof - infanticide

Sure, these posts are found under the “Top Blogs” header, but what’s to make a visitor to the RPOF’s website think that these are not just top RPOF blogs? Again, there are no links, there is no attribution, there are very few, if any bylines. These all look like they are from the Republican Party of Florida.

And certainly the RPOF isn’t interested in whether there is too much gay sex, right?

There are actually 3,942 pages of these kind of posts, including posts asking if gay parenting is bad for kids, discussing “sluts and men”, and how comprehensive immigration reform (you know the policy espoused by Sen. Marco Rubio) could lead to fascism

It’s not clear what this is all about, but the RPOF needs to better proofread its website.