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Kathleen Peters accuses David Jolly of Obamacare lobbying; Jolly says ‘not so fast’

By on December 19, 2013
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The bitter GOP primary in the special election in Congressional District 13 became more acrimonious today after Kathleen Peters accused rival David Jolly of “lobbying for Obamacare” — a charge Jolly’s camp strongly refutes.

At a morning press conference, Peters called on David Jolly to “come clean about lobbying for Obamacare and to return the over $80,000 he made as a special interest lobbyist.”

According to a release from Peters’ campaign, in 2012, David Jolly lobbied for Faneuil Inc., which is a company that “runs call centers for Obamacare.” During this time, Jolly made between $80,000 and $110,000 for the final three quarters of 2012.  (Here are the lobbying disclosure reports: 2nd Quarter 20123rd Quarter 2012 and in the 4th Quarter 2012).

“Even for a Washington Insider like Jolly, it takes a special kind of dishonesty to publicly oppose Obamacare while personally profiting from it,” said Peters. “That’s why I am calling on David Jolly to return his $80,000 in Obamacare profits and apologize for blatantly misleading the public.  The simple truth is: there is no talking point clever enough, no public relations strategy grand enough and no war chest big enough to hide the fact that David Jolly lobbied for Obamacare.”

Jolly’s camp says it “categorically” denies Peters’ charges.

Spokesperson Sarah Bascom said that Peters accusations, “are nothing more than a desperate attempt by Ms. Peters to dodge her position against an immediate repeal of Obamacare.”

Continued Bascom, “David Jolly worked for this company in 2011 and 2012 to advocate for transportation interests in Florida.  He was not registered to work for the company in 2013 and had no affiliation, connection or knowledge of whatever their goals or objectives were after that point – let alone in the State of Washington.  A statement that their CEO will attest to. … Ms. Peters should acknowledge that she is wrong. David Jolly has never supported or lobbied on behalf of Obamacare and is actively calling for the immediate repeal of Obamacare.”

As Peters and Jolly exchange barbs, a new poll today showed the race close. Jolly holds a five-point lead over Peters, according to the survey from St. Pete Polls.