In new ad, Alex Sink goes right after David Jolly’s lobbying work


Alex Sink’s campaign is airing a new television ad in which the Democratic nominee in Florida’s 13th Congressional District goes right at Republican David Jolly’s lobbying work. 

“If you want to go to Washington to fix what’s wrong with Washington, being a lobbyist is not the way to do it,” Sink says on camera, a marked escalation from previous anti-Jolly ads which used third parties to critique Jolly’s lobbying work. 

The thirty-second spot also hits Jolly for lobbying “for a group committed to privatizing social security and then lobbied on a plan to turn Medicare into a costly voucher program.” 

The ad ends on a positive note about Sink wanting to bring Democrats and Republicans to “protect Social Security and Medicare.”

This new ad is part of a continued effort by Democrats to cast Jolly as a Washington insider and associate the often toxic “lobbyist” label with him in the minds of voters.

In an interview earlier this month, Jolly said he is “proud of the fact” that he knows “how to work with a very complex federal government.”

Here is the new Sink ad:

Material from the Washington Post was used in this post.