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Charlie Crist launches digital ad blasting “guys like Rick Scott”

By on February 3, 2014
charlie crist digital ad

In a quick response to a barrage of attacks blaming him for Florida’s financial crisis, likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist released a digital ad Monday that blasts “guys like Rick Scott.”

In the 30-second spot, Crist says it wasn’t “people like me or you” causing the nation’s economic collapse, but “greedy Wall Street bankers and corporate takeover artists.”

“In other words,” he adds, “guys like Rick Scott.”

The ad is part of a statewide targeted digital media buy the Crist campaign began today.

Crist is responding to allegations the governor made on Wednesday, during the announcement his $74.2 billion tax-cut budget plan. Scott declared his economic record “represents a sharp contrast to the four budgets before we took office.”

“Florida was in a hole, and for four years there was just more digging,” Scott told reporters. “Today, all that has changed.”

Crist’s ad cited Scott’s time as co-founder and CEO of Columbia/HCA, which was involved in “outright fraud,” becoming the largest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history.

Columbia/HCA finally paid a record $1.7 billion in fines, penalties and damages.

“When you see his ads,” Crist reminds viewers, “remember it was guys like Rick Scott that crashed our economy.”

The video is also available on YouTube.