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Jeb Bush about to go all Marlo on Charlie Crist

By on February 6, 2014

A smackdown of Charlie Crist by Jeb Bush is coming, make no mistake about it.

During an interview on Wednesday with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Crist for the second time this week invoked Bush’s recent criticism of the problems with the Republican Party to help explain his switch from Republican to Democrat.  

“I think I’ll quote Jeb Bush. He said it better than I ever could,” Crist said to Morgan. “Today’s Republican Party, at least the leadership, is perceived as being anti-women, anti-minority, anti-immigrant, anti-education, anti-gay couples, anti-environment.”

Crist’s casual echoing of Bush’s name and positions — Crist even refers to Bush as “my friend” — is pissing off both Bushworld and Rick Scott’s circle, which would like nothing more than to see Bush go all Marlo on Crist.

“My name is my name,” drug lord Marlo Stanfield famously declared on “The Wire,” after learning that his main adversary, Omar Little, had been calling him out on the street.

Marlo Stanfield: He used my name? In the street? 
Marlo Stanfield: Talk, motherfucker! 
‘Monk’ Metcalf: He just, you know, say that you need to step to and that . . . I don’t know. He just running his mouth some. 
Marlo Stanfield: He call me a punk? 
Chris Partlow: It was bullshit, man. You ain’t need that on your mind. 
Marlo Stanfield: What the fuck you know about what I need on my mind, motherfucker? My name was on the street? When we bounce from this shit here, y’all going to go down on them corners and let the people know: Word did not get back to me. Let them know Marlo step to any motherfucker — Omar, Barksdale, whoever. My name is my name! 

Can’t you just imagine Jeb turning to Sally Bradshaw and his other advisers after learning that Crist played fast and loose with his name and saying, “He call me a punk? Let them know Jeb step to any motherfucker — Charlie, Rand, whoever. My name is my name!”

In fact, Jeb has sent out his equivalent of Snoop Pearson, spokesperson Kristy Campbell, to say, “Charlie Crist is a habitual opportunist with zero credibility. Florida voters understood that in 2010 and will once again confirm it in November.”