Watch here: Alex Sink’s inflammatory comments about immigration reform


There may be a reason why Democrat Alex Sink has avoided appearing at too many candidate forums — because of performances like the one she turned in Tuesday at a debate sponsored by the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, and the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce.

Asked by moderator Dr. Susan MacManus for her thoughts on the issue of immigration reform, Sink replied that the issue was a very important agenda to the beaches’ chambers of commerce “because we have a lot of employers that rely upon workers … to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping.”

Say what?

Cleaning hotel rooms. Landscaping? That’s what Alex Sink thinks immigrant workers are good for?

Suggesting that employers need immigrant workers to serve as maids and mowers is about the worst type of stereotyping in which someone can engage. It’s almost unbelievable that this came from the mouth of a candidate running for office in 2014.

Unfortunately, Sink’s comments went unmentioned in the Tampa Bay Times‘ story about the debate, so you will need to watch the video clip below to hear and see what Sink had to say.