2012 RNC Host Committee still has $3.1 million in the bank


Tampa has a problem we wish we all had — how to spend more than $3 million.

The Tampa Bay Host Committee raised about $58 million in preparation for the 2012 Republican National Convention, reports Preston Rudie of WTSP.com/10 News,

Now, the committee faces a $3.1 million in surplus, according to the Committee’s most recent Federal Elections Commission reports.

So what are they to do with the cash-on-hand?

“It ended up being a pretty good surplus and I attribute that to the fact that we stayed on task, we stayed on budget, we didn’t overspend and we came in right on time,” Host Committee President Ken Jones told 10 News Investigates.

Eventually, the money will go to charities in the Tampa Bay area charities, Jones said, but not before the return of a delayed Committee audit. Democrats are delaying the process, because they are finishing their convention report.

“Until both audit procedures are done,” Jones said, “the Federal Election Commission will not issue a final report, so until we get that report we can’t really say legally where we’re going to give that money to until we get clearance from Washington.”

The reports are due within the next three to four months, Jones added.

Once the money is distributed, the effects on local charities will be huge, according to Diana Baker, president and CEO of United Way Suncoast.

“Non-profits will have to evaluate how they utilize those funds in order to make a one-time difference in something that will have sustainability into the future,” Baker said.