Rand Paul does American Crossroads robocall in CD 13 to thwart libertarian candidate Lucas Overby


When is a Libertarian not a Libertarian? When it’s U.S. Sen. Rand Paul cutting a robocall for Republican David Jolly in the race for Florida’s 13th congressional District.

Paul recorded the call, funded by GOP strategist Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, touting Jolly as someone who wants to “ensure you, not the government, are making decisions for you and your family.”

As Jonathan Strong of Breitbart.com notes, Paul supporting Jolly “thwarts” Libertarian Lucas Overby, who polls between four to seven percent.  

“David believes in smaller government,” Paul’s script goes. “He thinks it’s the way to protect our liberty, and I agree, that’s why I’m supporting him.”

“He will go to Congress to ensure you, not the government, are making decisions for you and your family.”

Sounds a bit like the Libertarian platform, doesn’t it?

The call expects to reach about 20,000 households; many are possible Overby supporters, the candidate who could siphon GOP votes from Jolly.

“We need to make sure that Lucas Overby does not become a spoiler that gives Nancy Pelosi one more vote in the House, said American Crossroads president and CEO Steven Law in an email to Breitbart News.

“And no one in the center right has more gravitas to help here than Senator Rand Paul.” Many observers see the March 11 CD 13 special election as a bellwether the Obamacare issue will play out in the midterms.

Ron Paul, Rand’s father, had recently campaigned in the Virginia governor’s race for Republican Ken Cuccinelli, angering a few Libertarians who felt he should back Rob Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate. Ron Paul told reporters a vote for Sarvis “would be insane.”