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Rick Scott transfers $27 million to new “Let’s Get to Work” committee

By on March 10, 2014
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Gov. Rick Scott transferred more than $27 million from “Let’s Get to Work” – which has been raising unlimited amounts of campaign cash — to a new type of electioneering committee, one with more flexibility in political messaging, reports Matt Dixon of the Tribune/Scripps capital bureau.

Since 2010, “Work” was the main “electioneering communication organization” that has few limits on the amount of money it can raise, but can only expend funds on advertising such as mailers and television ads.

Such organizations are common in campaigns since a candidate can coordinate, but cannot use “express advocacy,” Dixon writes. Direct pleas to vote for (or against) individual candidates are prohibited. If they do, the ECO could be subject to contribution limits.

However, on March 6, the original “Work” closed, and the $27.3 million balance was transferred to a “political committee,” keeping the “Let’s Get to Work” name. The new committee is now able to cut checks to the Republican Party of Florida, which can advocate for Scott directly.

The move was in light of a weak February in fundraising, with less than $185,000 raised, compared to about $817,000 for Charlie Crist’s committee.

Either way, Scott’s still holds a substantial lead in the money race, with about $27 million, while Crist’s committee has only $4 million since opening Nov. 4.