GOP surge in CD 13 just got surgier


The surge in returned-ballots from Republican voters in the special election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District is getting more surgier.

With more than 119,000 ballots cast early or in the mail, the GOP holds a returned-ballot advantage of 4.06% — thereby reaching the magic number some observers believe the Republicans must be at by Election Day in order for them to win the seat.

According to the latest data — and this data reflects some cancelling out that does not show up in  Pinellas Supervisor of Elections’ raw numbers – 48,123 ballots from Republican voters have been returned as of Friday, while Democrats have turned in 43,526. Third-party or NPA voters have cast 21,503 ballots.

At this point, the GOP has increased its returned-ballot advantage by more than two points from a week ago. And it would appear, based on Friday’s returns, that the gap will only continue to increase. Of the approximately 3,200 ballots which were returned on Friday, 53% of them came from Republican voters, with just 29% coming from Democrats.

In other words, the GOP surge got surgier on Friday.

In three previous elections in 2012 and 2013, the day before Election Day and Election Day itself see the most early ballots returned. It’s not certain this will be the case in the CD 13 special election, but if it does, the GOP could extend its returned-ballot lead even further.