Direct mail round-up: In HD 31, Jennifer Sullivan hit for “youth and inexperience”


In 1984, Ronald Reagan famously said, “I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

That’s not the case in House District 31, with the second negative turn on the GOP primary to replace term-limited state Rep. Bryan Nelson.

A new mailer is appearing up in HD 31 mailboxes promoting businessperson Terri Seefeldt and her “life experience” while talking down Youth Development Leader Jennifer Sullivan, who is 23 years old.

Nature Coast Conservatives, headed by Mark Zubaly from Southern Campaign Resources Inc., produced the mailer.

On the flyer’s front: “State Representative isn’t an internship or job training course,” accompanied by a checklist of experiences, with all boxes checked for Seefeldt, an Apopka insurance expert, with a black and white photo of Sullivan and “No!” under nearly every item in her column.

On the back: “Can a 23-year old still living at home truly represent us?”

Sullivan has made no bones about her age from the start of the campaign, but opponents have been slowly making it an issue as Aug. 26 approaches.

In July, Seefeldt questioned Sullivan on the same talking points brought up on the mailer during a Florida Family Policy Council debate.

“We’re really too busy spreading our positive conservative message to take time to comment on the negative and false campaigning of others,” Sullivan responded in a statement to Frank Torres for Florida Politics.

Previously, a shadowy group began running negative cable TV ads, attacking Seefeldt for “being too liberal,” and Sullivan “being too young.” The commercial supported Health Clinic Executive Randy Glisson.

Former teacher union rep. B. Grassel and fraud investigator Joseph Stephens are also seeking the seat covering parts of Lake and Orange counties.

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