Pre-primary poll: Charlie Crist 69%, Nan Rich 19%


Heading into next Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Florida’s governor’s race, the question is not whether Charlie Crist will win, but by how much.

Anything less than a twenty-point spread between the former Republican governor and Nan Rich will be interpreted as a poor showing by Crist; a win by Crist of more than thirty points will give him much-needed momentum heading into the general election.

According to a survey conducted by St. Pete Polls and commissioned by this blog, Crist is on his way to a blowout.

Crist leads Rich 69 to 19 percent according to robo-call poll of 1,825 Democrats, including 659 respondents who said they have already voted.

Among those who say they have already cast their ballot, Crist is ahead of Rich 76 to 18 percent. Of those who say they still intend to vote, Crist leads 65 to 20 percent.

Buoying Crist is a strong favorable rating among Florida Democrats: 71 percent say they have a favorable impressing of Crist.

The poll has a 2.3% margin of error at a 95% confidence level. For more on the methodology of the poll, click here.

Meanwhile, in a poll of the Democratic primary in the Attorney General’s race, George Sheldon has a wide lead over Rep. Perry Thurston, although “Undecided” is leading them both.

Sheldon leads Thurston 38 to 18 percent overall and 48 to 23 percent among those who say they have already cast a ballot.

This post probably requires a disclosure: My wife, Michelle Todd, is a senior advisor to Crist. Additionally, I have donated $2,500 to Crist’s political committee and approximately $2,000 to Crist’s campaign.