Bill Dudley files for re-election for the St. Petersburg City Council


The City of St. Petersburg’s next round of municipal elections isn’t scheduled for another 18 months, but incumbent Bill Dudley isn’t wasting any time waiting to launch his reelection campaign.  Dudley quiety filed forreelection with the City Clerk’s office on March 1.  First elected in 2007 after defeating Ed Montanari in an upset bid for the District 3 seat. Dudley’s tenure on the City Council may be best known not for anything Dudley himself has done, but for the fight that broke out after the City Council’s controversial decision to vacate the sidewalk outside of BayWalk.  Dudley’s brother Fred was one of the instigators of the brawl that broke out after the vote.  Still, Dudley, retired from teaching and omnipresent at city events and functions, will be difficult to defeat.  Possible challengers to Dudley include former rival Ed Montanari, neighborhood president Darren Bishop and restaurateur Mike Harting.