Gov. Scott to get to work at ordinary jobs


Taking a page from former Gov. Bob Graham, Gov. Rick Scott plans to spend some time doing the jobs of ordinary Floridians in what the governor is calling “Let’s Get to Work Days.” Scott’s twist on the “work days” that Graham made a hallmark of his time as governor is to do jobs he’s done before, reports the News Service of Florida. Scott portrays himself as in touch with the common man – despite being a multimillionaire – because he rose from poverty to where he is now through a series of ordinary jobs. So, Scott will start on Wednesday making doughnuts at a shop in Tampa. Scott got his start in business running a doughnut shop with his mom in Kansas City. “Like most Floridians, I have worked hard all my life,” Scott said in a statement released by his office late Monday. “I started school in public housing and my family struggled financially. For that reason I went to work at a young age doing everything from delivering newspapers and cleaning phone booths, to selling groceries and working on a ship in the Navy.” Graham applauded Scott for taking up the idea. “I found the workdays to give me an unusual insight not only into how people earn their living, but how they live their lives, pursue their dreams and confront their challenges,” Graham said. “I hope that Gov. Scott will have the same rich experiences as he commences workdays.” And yes, there are still some phone booths around for Scott to clean, though not that many. According to the Public Service Commission, Florida still has 51,000 pay phones, though there aren’t any statistics on how many of those are actually in a booth.