God bless! Sen. Fasano files bill that would ban TV blackouts of sporting events


Poor attendance at local sporting events would not allow professional franchises to black out games if the team or the league receives any money from the state under a measure filed Friday by a Tampa Bay area lawmaker, reports the News Service of Florida. The measure, SB 836, by Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, would place a $125,000 fine for each violation..The NFL blacks out games not sold out 72 hours prior to kick-off. They are typically not available for non-subscription network broadcasts, usually within a 75-mile radius. Baseball’s blackout policy generally gives precedence to local television and radio stations. Proceeds from the fines would be earmarked to buy tickets for foster children or other non-profit organizations working with kids. Florida has been paying subsidies to professional sports franchises since 1991.