UCF drops dental school proposal


The University of Central Florida said Tuesday it will no longer pursue a plan to open a new dental school, reports the News Service of Florida. The university had spent months trying to convince the State University System Board of Governors to approve a new dental school, despite a recent Department of Health study that cast doubt on whether the state needed more dentists. The Board of Governors was set to vote this week on whether to approve UCF’s proposal, or go with a plan to expand the University of Florida’s dental school in a partnership with Florida A&M University. “We have asked that the Board of Governors withdraw our proposal for consideration at this time,” said UCF spokesman Grant Heston in a statement. “Although this innovative project does not require state appropriations, we are not moving forward at this time.” The Florida Dental Association wrote a letter to the Board of Governors last week opposing UCF’s plan, saying it did little to funnel dentists into rural and underserved areas in Florida