At urging of Gov. Scott, state universities consider reforms


At the urging of Gov. Rick Scott, the governing board for the State University System considered a plan Thursday to track performance of universities, reward good professors and encourage more graduates in science, technology, engineering and math, writes Lilly Rockwell of the News Service of Florida.

The plan, presented by a group comprised primarily of university presidents to the State University System Board of Governors on Thursday, would use job placement, licensure exam rates, graduation and retention rates, as well as the number of patents and research grants awarded to judge the performance of the 11 state universities.

But along with this willingness to embrace greater accountability comes a plea from university presidents to use market rate tuition and grant them greater flexibility over how tuition dollars are spent.

“We really need to be able to approach the market rate on tuition,” said Florida State University President Eric Barron. “We need to have the flexibility to decide how much tuition to set for particular programs.”

The board will spend two months studying the plan and soliciting input from stakeholders, with more decisive action expected at the next meeting in January