Analyzing the Republican debate


Agree with Taegan Goddard that Mitt Romney, as in previous debates, was the best prepared and gave solid answers to all questions. But this time he had a worthy adversary in Newt Gingrich, who is clearly emboldened by his high polls numbers (and his own intellect). The thing to watch: Will Gingrich’s “humane” stance on immigration be the issue Romney can use to knock him off in Iowa?

Jon Huntsman had his best debate yet. It’s clear he’s given significant thought to these issues while living abroad as an ambassador.

Michele Bachmann also did reasonably well but strangely asserted that President Obama met with Iranian leaders. Nonetheless, it was her best debate in weeks.

Herman Cain is clearly out of his league. His solution to every problem is to get smart people in the room to decide. There’s clearly stuff still