Reuters forced to make FIVE substantial corrections (already) to its hit piece on Marco Rubio


This morning, Reuters published what can only be described as a hit piece on Senator Marco Rubio.  It’s a hit piece because, as The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis notes, it is rife with errors.

What’s simply astounding is that Reuters has already issued FIVE substantial corrections to its story, including removing the words “and at times has had difficulty paying his mortgage,” in paragraph 7; removing “he did not make payments on a $100,000-plus student loan” and instead states “he did not pay down the balance of a $100,000-plus student loan,” in paragraph 10; removing “he was caught up in an Internal Revenue Service Investigation” and instead states “his name surfaced in an Internal Revenue Service investigation,” in paragraph 12; removing “voted against Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s Supreme Court nominee” and instead states “opposed President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor,” paragraph 41; removing “voted against Obama’s healthcare overhaul” and instead states “opposed Obama’s healthcare overhaul,” in paragraph 41.

What kind of shop are they running over at Reuters if a piece has to be corrected five times (!) before dinnertime?