AG candidate Holly Benson reaffirms her stance against gay adoption


Republican Attorney General candidate Holly Benson came to Creative Loafing’s offices in Ybor City last Wednesday, May 27, and sat down and spoke with them for about 20 minutes.  During the interview Benson reaffirmed her opposition to gay adoption:

CL: We asked you last week about Florida’s policy on gay adoption, where we’re the only state that does not allow gays to adopt.  You said you support that.  Can you please elaborate?  Why is Florida the only state that does it this way? Are we somehow smarter than everyone else?

HB: It’s just been a deliberate policy decision by the Legislature not to go down that path.  They as policy makers have made the decision that we ought to…that the best home for every child is a two-parent household where there’s a father and a mother.  And so that’s been their priority in instructing the adoption program.

CL: And you’re comfortable with that?

HB:  Yes.

Read the full interview here.