Smart: Visualizations of who will benefit from creation of Destination Resorts


Smart marketing from the supporters of Destination Resorts…

As the House Business and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee prepares to vote on the job-creating, destination resorts legislation, a visual representation of the state’s nearly one million jobless stood in halls of the Florida capitol today,” Brewster Bevis, Vice President of Associated Industries said today. “These figures symbolize the tens of thousands of Floridians who would benefit from the creation of destination resorts. Each figure features statements reflecting the significant impacts this legislation, if passed, would have on their respective industries.”  

“Destination resorts present the State of Florida with a unique opportunity to accelerate our economic recovery through guaranteed job creation and revenue generation. Today’s display is another reminder of the opportunities destination resorts afford us and the job creation at stake.”   

Here are two more visualizations: