Kottkamp announces endorsement of 3 more legislators


Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp just announced that three more state representatives have backed his campaign for Attorney General. The three new endorsements come from across the state–Marti Coley, R-Marianna, J.C. Palanas, R-Miami, and conservative Charles Van Zant, R-Palatka. With these newest endorsements, Kottkamp has secured the backing of 39 members of the Legislature. Kottkamp also announced that he was being backed by former Senate Majority Leader Locke Burt.

“I appreciate the support from Representatives Coley, Planas, Van Zant and Senator Burt,” said Kottkamp. “The next Attorney General must be ready to defend the lawsuit against federal healthcare, oversee the impact of the oil spill cleanup in the Gulf and fight to protect freedoms and rights guaranteed to all Floridians. I’m proud that people around the state believe in my ability to do the job.”