Latest GOP primary polls from AP, Gallup, Cali., Michigan, Penn., Wisc.


AP “A new poll shows that Republicans and Democrats alike are increasingly saying the nation is heading in the right direction and most independents now approve the way [Obama’s] addressing the nation’s post-recession period.”

California: Romney, 31; Santorum, 25; Paul, 16; Gingrich, 12; Undecided, 16.

Gallup: Santorum’s “biggest advantages over Romney — of 18 points or better — are among Midwesterners, weekly churchgoers, and political conservatives.”

Michigan: Romney, 37; Santorum, 35; Paul, 13; Gingrich, 8.

Pennsylvania: Santorum, 45; Romney, 16; Gingrich, 9; Paul, 7

Wisconsin: Santorum, 34; Romney, 18; Paul, 17; Gingrich, 12; Undecided, 17.