Newt Gingrich, zombie candidate, may quit in a week


Newt Gingrich could quit in a week, if he doesn’t actually win in Alabama and Missisippi, according to his spokesman, via the Hill.

There doesn’t seem much wriggle room in the quote. So if Santorum wins those states, as he well might, we’re into a three-man race. “And it could be an even worse month for Romney than he imagined,” writes Andrew Sullivan.

Jonathan Chait contemplates Gingrich’s next move:

Gingrich is in the unusual position of running a campaign that helps the front-runner. … He has something of immense value to offer Romney right now, something that is highly perishable. So if you’re Gingrich, don’t you approach somebody close to Romney and discuss a trade? A post in his administration, some help from his donor network, maybe some customers for your lobbying historical business?

PM Carpenter counters.

David Corn notes that that zombies are bad negotiators:

Romney doesn’t have much leverage over them. Zombies are hard to reason with. They’re already dead. They’re tough to bribe. They want to kill you. … Gingrich has, undoubtedly, already calculated how much his lecture fees will rise with each week he stays in the race.