Five state legislators endorse Pam Bondi for Attorney General


Today, the Pam Bondi Campaign announced that five state legislators from all areas of the state have endorsed Bondi in her bid to become Florida’s next Attorney General. They will be the first announced members of a statewide steering committee to help with providing leadership and policy insight to the campaign team.

“As the next Attorney General, Bondi is going to play a key role in fighting gang activity, mortgage fraud, Medicaid fraud, and in keeping our children and seniors safe from on-line predators,” said State Representative Erik Fresen. “There is no candidate for Attorney General better prepared to deal with those issues than Pam Bondi.”

Legislators today announcing their endorsements of Bondi include the following:
• The Honorable Carlos Lopez-Cantera, House Majority Whip, District 113
• The Honorable Nancy Detert, State Senator, District 23
• The Honorable Erik Fresen, State Representative, District, 111
• The Honorable Baxter Troutman, State Representative, District 66
• The Honorable Mike Weinstein, State Representative, District 19
“Bondi is a career prosecutor, and as someone who is actively engaged as an assistant state attorney in Jacksonville, I believe she is the only candidate for Attorney General with the experience to be the state’s top cop,” said Mike Weinstein as he gave his endorsement.

Each of these initial legislative endorsers are leaders in key Florida issues including public safety and law enforcement, health care, education, agriculture, and tourism.

“These endorsements are yet another example of the growing coalition that is uniting behind Bondi,” said campaign Chair Rick Baker. “It is evident that Bondi is working hard and that people realize that we need serious leadership in the office of the Attorney General.”