Can Marco Rubio make it past the intense vetting which will happen because of the Palin debacle?


Call it the Game Change effect.

The New York Times notes that “in the world after Sarah Palin and Game Change, the chances of Mitt Romney or anyone else choosing a first-term governor lacking a national brand name and experience are greatly diminished.”

“And the fallout from the McCain campaign’s selection of Ms. Palin for the No. 2 place on the ticket will extend well beyond the chances of any individual. For any Republican who makes it onto the short list of possible vice presidential nominees, the vetting process this year promises to be as thorough and intrusive as the vetting of Ms. Palin was rushed and incomplete.”

“If presidential campaigns are M.R.I.’s for the soul, as David Axelrod, President Obama’s political strategist, likes to say, vice presidential vetting this year will be a body-cavity search.”

So if the vetting process will be this intense, can Marco Rubio really make it past this process?

While the Miami Herald‘s Marc Caputo will probably say yes, I remain unconvinced.