Satellite images show first glimpse of Cuba’s offshore drilling rig in Florida Straits


Earlier this year, Spanish oil giant Repsol YPF announced that a massive drilling rig had started operating  in “ultra-deep water” in the Straits of Florida, somewhere between Cuba and the Keys. One of the more problematic aspects of the operation is the dearth of information about where the rig is actually located.

But new images from the West Virginia-based nonprofit SkyTruth show that the rig is about 17 miles off the coast of Havana.
In the picture above, the bright white spot accompanied by yellow text is thought to be the Scarabeo 9 drilling rig. The two white dots positioned next to it might be vessels, SkyTruth President John Amos says. That tiny orange speck northwest of the rig is a small oil slick reported by the U.S. Coast Guard last Wednesday.
Here’s a better look at just exactly how far the rig is positioned from the coast of the Keys.

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