The absolute scariest aspect of Marco Rubio’s biography is…


The absolute scariest aspect of Marco Rubio’s biography is…

…his fondness for the Osmonds.

From an excerpt of “The Rise of Marco Rubio,” by Manuel Roig-Franzia due out June 19.

“Not long after arriving in Las Vegas [at age 7 or 8], Marco — along with his mother and sister, Veronica – began reading the Book of Mormon. Eventually, Marco, his sister Veronica and their mother were baptized as Mormons. Marco converted [from Catholicism] to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with enthusiasm. … Mario [Rubio’s father], who had worked as a bartender for years, couldn’t embrace a faith that wouldn’t let him drink and smoke. … Marco attended LDS youth groups and often walked to chapel with his family because his mother could not drive. The cousins idolized the Osmonds …

“Marco, his sister, Veronica, and their cousin, Michelle, liked to perform Osmond songs at family get-togethers. ‘Tony’ – as the cousins called Marco, referencing his middle name Antonio – was so entranced by the Osmonds that he joined [a] … trip to Provo, Utah, to tour the pop group’s recording studio. … [W]hen the Rubios decided to return to Miami, … Marco, his sister and mother returned to the Catholic Church that they had left behind for Mormonism. The exact date of their return is in dispute. Marco has said the family converted back to Catholicism while still … in Las Vegas, and that he received his first communion on Christmas Day 1984 [age 13].”

By the way, can someone explain how an eight year-old converts to a religion with enthusiasm?