Washington D.C.: A town of grown people adopting the rituals of children


Not everyone enjoyed the White House Correspondents Dinner. I found this criticism particularly biting:

But what really set me off was the constant use of the phrase “nerd prom” — usually by the attendants themselves — to describe the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Teenagers go to proms — not grown men and women. This is part of a broader pattern I see in Washington — a pattern which include cupcake stores, kickball leagues, and adults dressing up on Halloween (to amuse themselves, not children) — whereby ostensibly grown people adopt the rituals of childhood.*

Unlike some people <cough> Spencer Ackerman </cough>, I really like Washington, DC: I love my neighborhood, I love my neighbors, I love my neighborhood church, and I love my local rugby club. I especially love the fact that neither my neighbors, nor the people in my church, nor my rugby teammates care anything about what I do for a living and that my social life is generally pretty separate from my professional life. I met my wife here, and although I very much miss Tennessee, I enjoy my adopted hometown.

But it rubs me the wrong way that people sending 18-year old kids off to war spend so much of their own time posing as children. Grow the bleep up, DC. It’s no wonder the Congress behaves like infants when they see nothing but infants around them.