Could Charlie Crist’s old team end up vetting Rubio for Romney?


Could Charlie Crist’s old team end up vetting Rubio for Romney? Jim Geraghty notes:

…if Rubio accepts (VP) consideration from Romney — he repeatedly denies interest in being vice president — the Florida senator will be required to turn over enormous amounts of personal information to a campaign full of former employees of Rubio’s 2010 rival, former Florida governor Charlie Crist.

Romney’s chief strategists, Stuart Stevens and Russ Schriefer, played the same roles on Crist’s senatorial campaign last cycle. Romney’s national press secretary, Andrea Saul, was Crist’s communications director. One of Romney’s regional press secretaries, Amanda Henneberg, was press secretary for Crist’s Senate campaign.

As I wrote before when Newt Gingrich tried to paint Romney with the brush of Crist (gasp), Stevens and (partner Russ) Schriefer were just two of SEVERAL top advisers.  Being a top adviser to Crist is like being general manager of the Dallas Cowboys: you may have the title, but, at the end of the day, owner Jerry Jones makes all of the decisions.

As for those who attempt to link Crist to Romney with the evidence that Romney spokespeople Amanda Henneberg and Andrea Saul once worked for Crist, trust me when I say, Amanda and Andrea may have worked for Crist, but they are not Crist people.

Moreover, there are few other former Crist advisors or staffers working or volunteering for Romney.

In other words, the link between Crist and Romney is specious.