Rick Scott staffer Brian Burgess needs to turn in his TPS reports


By this point, I am pretty sure Governor Scott’s Communications Director Brian Burgess has had it up to you know where with Sunburst – the governor’s new open records program showing the emails of his top staff in near-real time.

In addition to revealing that Burgess is not only testy with reporters on Twitter, but also via email, Sunburst reminds us that these staffers are, after all, government employees with all of the bureaucratic issues that go with that.

Case in point, an email from Amy Bisceglia, the executive assistant to Chief of Staff Steve MacNamara to Burgess, dated May 2, in which Bisceglia reminds him, “I did not have hours submitted from either of you starting January 1, 2012.”

In other words, Brian Burgess needs to turn in his TPS reports.

H/t to @SteveBeste