With state on verge of passing controversial anti-gay measure, President Obama cancels trip to NC


President Obama was scheduled to visit North Carolina today but the White House abruptly canceled, the Raleigh News & Observer reports.

“The false alarm isn’t unprecedented — but the fact the White House even considered visiting the state on primary election day is interesting. A controversial vote on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions is on today’s ballot. Obama issued a statement against the amendment earlier this year — but polls show it is likely to win by a solid margin.”

Meanwhile, First Read suggests President Obama’s “evolving” position on same sex marriage may be about appeasing suburban voters.

“Among suburban voters, a key electoral group, it was just a narrow plurality in favor, 45%/43%, in March. Granted, that’s a 19-point shift from 37% favor, 54% opposed. But it’s also a group Obama won in 2008 (50%-48%), which in the same March poll said it preferred Romney (49%-43%). And that’s despite Obama leading overall in the poll (51%-44%)…”

“In other words, Obama’s coalition of Democrats, black voters, women, Hispanics and urban voters are all intact — and in favor of gay marriage. But swing voters, especially suburban voters are still split — as is Obama, apparently.”