City Council lauds Bill Edwards for turning around Mahaffey Theater


Big 3 and Bill Edwards Presents, and more specifically Bill Edwards himself, were greatly lauded stars of Thursday’s City Council meeting for its management of The Mahaffey. And rightly so as The Mahaffey is already boasting a 60 percent revenue increase and decreased city subsidies.

The Mahaffey also has 67 shows under contract today with more in negotiations. Credit for this success goes to Big3 and Bill Edwards Presents, along with the outstanding work of the Mahaffey and Mahaffey Foundation staff.

A combined strategy of forward-thinking business practices that have fostered a very successful development plan, increased partnerships and hugely improved board development have tuned this struggling venue into a success.

‎City Councilmember Steve Kornell thanked Mr. Edwards for his work, and he credits him as a local guy with vested interest in making this work. Kornell also stated that the Florida Orchestra has reported to him that they are very happy with things since Edwards took over.

“I did not vote for Edwards, yet Edwards has exceeded my fondest hopes,” said Councilmember Karl Nurse. Nurse also echoed Kornell’s statement that the Florida Orchestra has been pleased. Nurse is a member of the Florida Orchestra Board of Directors.

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