Happy Birthday to @JordanRaynor


Unofficially, I refer to Jordan Raynor as the “Intersection” because he once wrote something about himself, saying he was at the intersection of politics and online communications.  He first wrote that self-description a couple of years ago.

Today, Jordan isn’t at the intersection, he’s the damn intersection and the bridge, the junction, the on-ramp, the stop-light, the tollbooth, etc., between politics and online communications.

Put it this way, we didn’t know there was a place in the world like Jordan Raynor’s until Jordan Raynor invented it for us.  Editorial curator, insightful commentator, cutting-edge strategist…Jordan is all of these things and more. Jordan is also my friend.  He has been a patient, helpful colleague to me in my efforts to contribute to politics and online communications.

It’s through his “intersection” I have passed many times. And don’t forget, Jordan has done all he has done and he’s only 25.  Imagine what he will accomplish by the time he’s 30!

But, for today, happy birthday ‘Intersection.’