Polling round-up: Romney up with white voters in Rust Belt, Obama way up in Mich., crushes in Cali


A round-up of the latest polling data:

>>>A Reuters/Ipsos poll of white working-class voters across the Rust Belt — Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and parts of New York and Pennsylvania — finds Mitt Romney leading President Obama, 44% to 30%.

>>>A Project New America poll in Colorado finds Obama leading Romney by four points in the presidential race, 48% to 44%.

>>>A Public Policy Polling survey in Michigan finds Obama leads Romney by 14 points, 53% to 39%.

Key finding: “Obama’s crushing Romney on what will doubtless be one of the biggest issues in the campaign in Michigan: 55% think that he’s been better for the automotive industry in the state to only 31% who say Romney wins out on that front.”

>>>A USC Dornslife/Los Angeles Times poll in California finds that women, independents, moderates and Latinos help Obama take a commanding lead over Mitt Romney, 56% to 37%.

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