Florida GOP “facing a budget shortfall of $100,000″…huh?


The Republican Party of Florida is “facing a budget shortfall of $100,000.” That, according to a new direct-mail fundraising appeal received in yesterday’s mail.

Of course, the writers of direct-mail are given to hyperbole, so it’s a given that whoever wrote this letter knows how to best cry poor, even when the coffers are overflowing.

Really though, the Florida GOP is “facing a budget shortfall of $100,000″? That could be true if the budget is $50,000,000 and the party is on track to raise only $49,900,000,  Then, yes, the party could find itself 100K short of its budget.

But are we really suppose to believe that ‘unless the RPOF raises this sum in the next few weeks, they may be forced to cut pivotal campaign programs or even cancel promised support to dozens of state and national candidates’?

The Florida GOP has raised at least $10.3 million during the last two quarters, according to the latest campaign finance reports. So it’s far from the point of having to squeeze Lincoln’s head off the pennies. Perhaps the party’s budget was $10.4 million during the last two quarters, so, maybe it is facing a hundred thousand dollar hole, but that’s not likely.

Again, I get it, this is a fundraising letter.  Write whatever you have to in order for someone to put a check in the remittance envelope, but it’s just silly for the Republican Party of Florida to appear with a tin cup in its hand.

Keep this up, Republicans, and you’ll begin to sound like Democrats.