In advance of August primary, I switch my voter registration to Republican


This is gonna sting a little, my progressive friends.

But, in advance of the August primary, I am switching my party registration from NPA to Republican.


Now, don’t worry, Mark Ferrulo of Progress Florida, I’m still voting for Barack Obama in November. Probably. Maybe.

The truth is, in Pinellas County, Florida, it makes no sense to be a Democrat or NPA. There are barely enough qualified Democrats to complete the November election, much less create competitive, interesting primaries.

I want to be able to vote in the Republican primary for the US Senate seat.

I want to vote for Congressman Bill Young in his primary against a couple of Tea Partiers.

I want to vote in the Republican Primary for Pinellas Sheriff, especially after reading this article.

I want to cast a ballot in the Jeff Brandes vs. Jim Frishe race for the State Senate.

I just want to vote and have my vote mean something.

So I am temporarily switching my registration to Republican.

After all, doesn’t the saying go, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.