New York Times to partner with BuzzFeed for coverage of Dem. & GOP conventions


The New York Times and Buzzfeed announced Monday that they’re partnering to bring live video coverage of both the 2012 Democratic and Republican conventions.

While the partnership between the 161-year-old news organization and a site known for headlines like “This Dog Herds Tigers Like It’s No Big Deal,” might seem unlikely, it’s the latest of a series of moves by Buzzfeed to expand its footprint into more substantive content. The first was to hire Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith from POLITICO. Smith then went onto hire a political news team that includes author and Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Michael Hastings.

For the Times, it’s clearly an opportunity to learn more about the mechanics of social media and how to better ride the phenomenon.

“We think BuzzFeed’s energy and keen ear for how political stories play out in the social sphere will be a valuable and interesting contribution to The Times’ video presence,” said Jim Roberts, the paper’s assistant managing editor, in a press statement.

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