If a hurricane impacts the RNC in Tampa, it’s because Charlie Crist stopped placing prayer at the Western Wall


If Tropical Storm 9 becomes a hurricane and that weather system impacts the 2012 Republican National Convention, it will be more clear than ever that the Sunsine State needs Charlie Crist back in office.

Each year as governor, Crist either personally placed or had a friend place prayers in Jerusalem’s Western Wall asking God to protect Florida from hurricanes.

No major hurricanes hit the state during Crist’s time in office.

Last year, when Hurricane Irene threatened the state then veered away, some Floridians wondered whether they should thank both God and Crist for their good fortune.

In 2011, Crist asked Patrick Murphy, a Democrat challenging Republican Congressman Allen West, for help during Murphy’s trip to Israel. Crist said then, “I said ‘You can do me and Florida a big favor if you can take a prayer to the wall and ask God to protect beautiful Florida.’”

Now, with Crist — and his prayers — nowhere in sight save the occasional commercial for Morgan & Morgan, a Tropical Storm is forecast to impact the Republican National Convention.

Coincidence? Or just further proof that ‘Governor Sunshine’, as Crist was affectionately referred to, is needed more than ever.