Correction: Betty Jo Tompkins not the only candidate endorsed, err, supported by the Hillsborough Co. Farm Bureau


In a July 4 edition of Sunburn, I wrote that House District 59 candidate Betty Jo Tompkins had been endorsed by the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau.  This information was credited to Patrick Mantiega of La Gaceta. I should have written “supported” instead of “endorsed.” Also, upon a second reading, I may have left the impression that Tompkins was the only candidate “supported” in House District 59.

To clear things up, please allow me to share with you a copy of an email to Mantiega from Judi Whitson of the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau:

Hi Patrick,

Peter Schorsch credited you in his blog that stated HCFB had endorsed Betty Jo in the House District 59 Primary.  The truth is, at the June 11th meeting of the Hills Co Ag Pac, they decided to support both Betty Jo and Joe Wicker with a check for $500.00.  There has NOT been an endorsement in that race.  The only endorsement we have made was for Jake Raburn in House District 57 and that was done by Hills. Co Farm Bureau.

Hillsborough County Farm Bureau does endorse under our by-laws, but the donations come from Hills. Co. Ag PAC, which is made up of the same board members.