Wishful thinking? HBO's Newsroom labels Charlie Crist a Democrat during flashback to 2010


Credit my wonderful wife’s watchful eyes for catching this error during tonight’s episode of HBO’s Newsroom — set as a flashback to Election Night on November 2, 2010 — which labels Charlie Crist as a Democrat, rather than an Independent, running for the US Senate against Republican Marco Rubio.

As even the most casual observer of Florida politics can tell you, Crist first ran as Republican for the US Senate, then later switched to run as an Independent. Former US Rep. Kendrick Meek was the Democratic nominee for Florida’s US Senate seat in 2010.

Of course, many members of the The Society of the Tarpon Belt (an informal group of Crist’s most loyal surrogates) will say Newsroom’s error is merely a harbinger of things to come, as Crist is widely speculated to be contemplating a 2014 run for Governor of Florida as a Democrat.

Still, HBO’s crack staff should have known that every political geek watching thes show would be ready to pounce on even the slightest aberration from political history, although they will get a pass for scripting a line about Rick Scott spending $75 million to win Florida’s Governor’s Mansion in 2010 when he only spent $72 million.

After all, what’s three million dollars among friends?