Jim Frishe garners key endorsement from former Gov. Bob Martinez


Former Governor Bob Martinez announced his endorsement of Jim Frishe to represent him in the Florida Senate today.

Governor of Florida from 1987-1991, and Mayor of Tampa from 1979-1986, Martinez remains a powerful political figure in Tampa Bay.

“I live in Senate District 22 and I am supporting Jim Frishe to be our Senator because I know him, I worked with him when I was Governor, and know he is a true conservative. Jim was a Republican before Republican was “cool” in Florida, and he has worked his heart out for conservative Republican candidates and causes for 40 years. Jim Frishe has successfully served his community because he understands how much you can get done when you don’t care who gets the credit. I will be proud to have him represent me in Tallahassee,” Martinez said.

“It’s an honor to have the backing of Governor Martinez. Governor Martinez paved the way for Republicans in Tampa Bay and Tallahassee long before being a Republican was commonplace. I’m honored to have his support and I would be honored to represent him in the Florida Senate,” said Frishe.

In other endorsement news from State Senate District 22, Jeff Brandes announced he has been endorsed by the NRA.