Was Nina Hayden floating her check to the Division of Elections?


An astute reader wonders if congressional candidate Nina Hayden was “floating” the campaign check she wrote to the Florida Department of State to cover her qualifying fees.

The Tampa Bay Times article reads as follows:  “She said she thought state elections officials would hold off depositing the check until after her lawsuit was resolved. They did not. On Friday, they filed a motion asking a judge to declare her lawsuit moot because her qualifying check had bounced and it was too late for Hayden to cover the cost some other way.”

I’m not certain, but I believe that is close to the textbook definition of “floating”. What’s more, I believe check floating is also illegal. It might even be considered fraud on a federal level, given the federal election circumstances.  I wonder if anyone one will pursue this further.

Meanwhile, another reader (a former political consultant) has no mercy for Hayden:

When you look in the political dictionary next to “clueless,” does Nina Hayden’s picture appear? I mean really, it was a gift from God for her to actually win an election to School Board and what does she do? Toss it aside in record time to tilt at a windmill.