When is Senate candidate Dwight Bullard going to learn to file his campaign finance reports on time?


Another day, another blown deadline by Senate candidate Dwight Bullard.

Bullard, running for State Senate District 39, has, of Saturday morning, yet to electronically file his second-quarter campaign finance report even though it was due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 13.

Not filing his campaign finance reports on time appears to be a habit of Representative Bullard.

In 2011, the Florida Elections Commission fined Rep. Bullard $2,705.72 for failing to timely file a pair of campaign finance reports during his most re-election bid. The commission rejected the Miami Democrat’s excuse that he was acting as his own treasurer, ran out of time and filed a campaign finance report 11 days late. In a unanimous ruling, the commission fined Bullard $2,555.72 for missing the deadline.

The same panel fined Bullard an additional $150 for filing a campaign termination report three days late.